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I worked out with free weights on and off since I was a teenager, seeing small gains from time to time but never experiencing really great results. I was inconsistent because it was a chore to go the gym. I hated cardio because it was so boring.

I started crossfit 6 months ago. At that time I had strength in some areas, but I could not do even one pullup. Since then, I’ve lost over 2 inches on my waist, I weigh just about the same as when I started, and I can do 5 pullups. At age 46, I have more strength, flexibility, and MOBILITY than at ANY other time in my life. The difference in the way I look and feel is staggering. I also find that I’m able to stay emotionally relaxed in stressful situations, and I’m able to approach mental challenges with greater focus and clarity.
I highly recommend Crossfit 223 to anyone that wants to improve their fitness and their life. The coaches help scale workouts for beginners. There are no egos, and there is a very strong emphasis on fundamentals, instruction, and injury prevention, which are all very important to me. They have fantastic coaches who give personal attention, answer questions, and demonstrate exactly how things should be done. I’m thrilled to have found Crossfit and I look forward to even greater levels of fitness in the future.

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