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Crossfit… What the hell is Crossfit I asked my sister when she kept telling me about it. She had started a few months before this and I had been going to the gym for 20 years and never heard of it. So I started doing some research and really was getting excited to try something different. I was bored with going to the gym and the only thing that kept me going was training with my nephew but like I said I needed a change. So I decided to go take a class with my sister. WOW What a humbling experience I had that first night !!! It was really not what I expected but it was also a little confusing cause my first class was a day my gym was doing the Crossfit total. Like I said I had been lifting my entire life so I did really well. Then came 5 minutes of max burpees. I was like ok let’s see, well let’s just say it didn’t go as well as my 3 combined lifts did but I made it thru.

I kept going back and started to see why this whole Crossfit thing was so addicting. I was learning new things every day about Mobility and Olympic lifts and how everything we did was so we could improve on something else. I mean I thought I knew what I was doing when it came to lifting but I really had no clue. The first night Joe ( my head coach ) corrected my squats right away and I couldn’t believe how much better I was able to move. Joe has taught me so much about using correct form in my lifting instead of just muscling things so I keep safe and don’t injure myself. He’s a great coach knowing how to get his point across but also making it a fun time to be at the gym.

So fast forward a little over a year and I can’t believe how much better I am. Now I’m 41 years old and I just want to be in better shape, not really caring about how strong I am but I keep getting stronger and my endurance is improving also. My main reason for doing Crossfit is so I can be in better shape to ride motorcross and to snowboard. And wow had it helped in both areas. I can ride all day or snowboard and feel great doing it.

Another huge part is the community or my “Crossfit family” I can’t express how much this aspect means to me. My entire previous gym experience was by myself not really interacting with any other gym members, Crossfit is the EXACT OPPOSITE. We all work together and help each other to get better at everything we do. You still have to do all the work yourself but my ” family” has pushed me through many workouts that I was really struggling to finish and I KNOW that if they weren’t there I would have quit if I was by myself, but when that feeling comes, and it will, that’s when I know that my “family” has my back as I have theirs.

I cannot express how thankful I am to have found Crossfit and Crossfit 223. Joe, Anthony, and Mike have helped me so much in me bettering my life and I don’t know if I can ever repay them. I just want to thank each of them and also everyone at my box “my family” for helping me and pushing me to finish each WOD. So if your thinking about trying it DO IT !!!! Take a class and see what it’s all about. The only thing that can happen is that you better your life by becoming stronger and getting in better shape and I think that’s a good thing for anyone.

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