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My Crossfit testimonial is probably very similar to most, in how the joy and drive it’s created for me has absolutely revitalized my workout routine and general health.  But I will elaborate.

I was a former college athlete that tried to stay fit, running half marathons, marathons, increasing cardio, throwing together resistance training work outs on a “freestyle” basis with buddies down in Northern Virginia, where I’m from.  I also stayed active playing flag football and other pick-up games, which continued to help me get in the best shape I had been in, probably in my life.

Then I moved to New Jersey and remained pretty fit, but the workouts became stale and the morning alarm clock was harder and harder to wake up to.  Finally I decided to try Crossfit and luckily for me I had one close to me.

So I go into Crossfit 223 for my first fundamental class with the personal goal of not overdoing it with the weight (I wasn’t in college anymore and my shoulders had never been the same since I separated both AC joints in my last year of football).  So I started easy, and really appreciated the technique and stretching focus that Joe and all the coaches preach.  After a few weeks I began adding weight in a safe manner and the next thing I knew I was lifting almost as much now that I turned 30 as I did when I was playing ball in my early 20s, most importantly with better form!

At the end of it all, the true testimonial isn’t the weight I’ve been able to lift, but it’s the overall camaraderie, the team environment, that has been the best thing thus far about joining Crossfit 223.  Not being from this area at all, it’s wonderful to have met some great people and I even tend to look forward to seeing them hit their PRs as much as, if not more than, myself hitting my own.  Also the coaching, especially Joe, the hours and commitment he gives to every class is astounding.  5:15 on a Monday morning, when I’m just happy to get to class and not collapse, he is there pushing me so that I get everything out of every class.  My body, although sore, is in many ways stronger than ever, even at the old age of 30!

It’s an absolutely amazing place, and although I’ve only been a part of it for 5 months, I cannot wait to see what the next year+ has in store.

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