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I spent far too many months telling myself I was too old and too out of shape to start crossfit. There was no way I could do a handstand, I had not jumped rope in close to 50 years, I did not even know what a barbell was and most certainly I would not be able to climb a rope.

Well I did it … I walked into Cross Fit 223 and now there is no looking back. At 223 I found a community of crossfitters who encourage one another to meet every challenge and who celebrate together each new milestone achieved.

Head Coach and owner Joe, together with coaches Mike, Jen and Dustin are dedicated and have a passion for crossfit which is contagious. They are phenomenal coaches who are always encouraging me to go beyond what I thought I was capable of doing, but at the same time making sure I stay safe.

Thanks to 223 and their dedicated coaching staff, at age 54 I have never felt better about myself.

I’m now deadlifting and back squatting more than my body weight (which is quite the accomplishment since when I started I could not even lift the barbell). I’ve finally got that handstand – working on those double unders and have even climbed to the top of that dreaded rope. There is no turning back. At 223 there are always new goals and new milestones.

Crossfit 223 is geared towards those who are looking for a workout that pushes the limits. There is no feeling like going beyond that which you thought you could not do.   See you at 223 !!

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