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Success Stories


First, I’ll admit that I’d always been a little skeptical of Crossfit. I never looked into it much, just based my opinion  off of what...
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My Crossfit testimonial is probably very similar to most, in how the joy and drive it’s created for me has absolutely revitalized my workout routine...
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Fitness has been a part of my entire life!  In college I played basketball and softball.  In adult hood I dabbled in body building and competed in fitness...
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Crossfit223 is changing my life! I started crossfit in October of 2014 – my only motivation was to try a different type of workout.   The...
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Crossfit… What the hell is Crossfit I asked my sister when she kept telling me about it. She had started a few months before this...
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I worked out with free weights on and off since I was a teenager, seeing small gains from time to time but never experiencing really...
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